Practices Begin Monday August 25!

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water polo ballHell week starts on Monday, August 25. The practice schedule for hell week is as follows…Morning and Evening practices will be held in the pool at Mercer Island Country Club. Afternoon workouts will be dryland at Mercerdale Park on Mercer Island.





Monday:                7:15-9:15am                12:30-2pm            7:30-9:30pm

Tuesday:                7:15-9:15am                12:30-2pm            7:30-9:30pm

Wednesday:          7:15-9:15am                12:30-2pm            7:30-9:30pm

Thursday:               7:15-9:15am                12:30-2pm            7:30-9:30pm

Friday: Lake Swim/Bridge Run. Meeting at 7:30am at Lakeside Park. The park is located underneath I-90, 60th Avenue SE and 23rd Street SE

*Note- Friday Afternoon and evening practices are yet to be determined. I will make sure to relay what I am thinking here as we get closer. Thanks.

Mandatory All Fall Sports Parent Meeting (bring your checkbooks):

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 6:00pm

MIHS Auditorium

Information presented by Mark Zmuda, MIHS Athletic Director, as well as sport-specific details.

Fall Sports Season Tickets (Football, Girls Soccer, Volleyball) will be available for sale.

Team Car Wash Saturday, September 13th, 11:30-3:30pm.  More information coming soon.

Varsity Jamboree @ Rogers High School Saturday, September 6th.

IMPORTANT:  There is a minimum of 10 practices each athlete has to attend before being eligible to play in a match.  One day = one practice (even though we practice multiple times per day during hell week, still counts as one).  There are exactly ten practice days before we play in the Curtis Jamboree.  You will not be eligible to play in jamboree if you miss ONE day of practice the first two weeks.

Saturday League @ Edgebrook September 13th.  Time TBA.


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